Saturday, August 1, 2009

#3 Cover of Darkness

So I've been noticing that on Etsy lately there's been a very common theme in most of the front page - there is more often than not an owl involved! So I have done this blog about owls and forest life!

1. Owls

This is a drawing I did recently of an owl, the photo was of him hunting at night and I thought the caption was really cool! "Under cover of darknes..." So Here it is! Enjoy!

Some other wonderful owls on Etsy


2. The Trees

What is a lovely forest without the trees? This beautiful felt pillow cover comes from LoveCalifornia's shop, which is full of unique and creative pillows and pillow covers.

Some other wonderful trees on Etsy


3. Other forest creatures

This cute little fawn is by JessicaLemme, who's shop is full of adorable and colorful little drawings, many originals, of animals and teacups.

Some other wonderful woodland creatures on Etsy


This awesome vintage find comes from GreyLadyVintage who is just starting out on etsy, but has had some great finds so far!

Some other wonderful forest plant life on Etsy


5. A Forest - Bat For Lashes

One of my favorite bands, Bat For Lashes, did a cover of A Forest by The Cure which itself is an eerie and dark song. The Bat For Lashes version is just as good, actually its even better!

A Forest - Bat For Lashes

That's it for now!



  1. There should be a box for "awesome". Consider it checked!! In ten years I will be so happy to say, "I met her as a girl..."

  2. Hi! Awesome blog and I love your Animalgam shop! Each piece of art is honestly amazing.
    Just a quick question- why the number 316 on the owl drawing? (316 is my favorite number)

  3. Forest life need a conservation as lot of our animals are at the stage of extinct.Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower