Friday, July 24, 2009

#2 The North

Today's theme is the North. As in the very cold far North!

1. The Inuit

This is a drawing I did recently of an Inuit man. I drew it from the DK book Human, which is a wonderful book with anything and everything about humans and all of their various races. The perfect intro to an alien visiting Earth!


2. Polar Bears

Here is a beautiful watercolor of a polar bear from JenniferLaBellaArt on Etsy. Her shop is full of so many beautiful illustrations of the north and its lovely wildlife.

Some other lovely polar bears on Etsy


3. Arora Borealis

This interesting piece of art, by matechuk on Etsy, is a piece made of fabric cut and collaged together.


4. Snow

This is such an adorable and simple little illustration! The illustrator is holli, from Argentina, who's shop is just full of these beautiful and sometimes obscure little drawings. The title of the drawing is Nieve, which I thought at first was a misspelling of naive, but then I remembered that it was the Spanish word for snow!


5. Vespertine

One of my favorite albums of all time, Vespertine by Björk, gives voice to what my eyes are hearing when I look out on the first snowfall of the year. Taking a walk with mittens on and trudging through the snow to see the Sedona red rocks sprinkled with white is only made better with this album playing in my iPod.

Here are two tracks that stand out the most for me on the album. Frosti, a delicate and beautiful instrumental first, followed by Unison, a charming and melodic song that would warm anyone's heart in the cold.

Frosti - Björk
Unison - Björk

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Starting Over! #1

Hey there! I have decided to start over on my Blog! I didnt have a post for months anyway, and no one really reads it, but I will do better this time! I promise! I've just returned from a vacation in Seattle, so I'll start off with a few Seattley things!

1. Space Needle

This nice card of the Space Needle comes from bittersugar on Etsy.
Now I didn't visit the Space Needle, never have, and never will as long as I live with my mom (she's deathly afraid of going in tall buildings), but the next time I go to Seattle on my own I plan to go in it!

2. Pike's Place Market

The lovely world famous market right down the street from where I was staying. So many great little shops and produce stands. Favorites of mine were Piroshki Russian bakery, and the very first Starbucks ever!

3. 20 Twenty in Ballard

This store was honestly the coolest store I have ever been in! Being a fan of vintage clothes and offbeat style, this place immediately made my all time favorite stores list. Not only is everything in the store vintage (not just used) or hand screen printed, the fashions are so amazing and so unique and the selection is meticulously curated. I felt like I was in a museum of amazing fashion. Sadly, I was with my cousin and we were running short on time so I didn't get a chance to buy anything, but God knows I wanted to buy everything there! The prices were very reasonable, most things in the $10-$20 range. The reason I didn't buy anything was because I didn't have enough time to find my favorite!

4. Smoked Salmon Chowder

Our first night in Seattle, we walked up the street near Pike's Place and ate at a wonderful restaurant called Cutter's Bayhouse and had their heavenly smoked salmon chowder. Just imagine all the salty fishy goodness of smoked salmon in a rich and creamy chowder. Definitely one of my favorite meals of all time!

5. Blue Scholars

The Inkwell - Blue Scholars

I leave you with a very talented alternative hip-hop group from Seattle, one of the city's more famous products, called Blue Scholars. Their music is fresh and pulls from old jazz among other things, and is very classy, with the rhymes relating more about life and the city, rather than the trash that most rap is made up of in the mainstream. Enjoy!

Seattle is such an awesome city! I'm so glad to have gotten to visit there and I hope the next time you do you check out some of these things!